What is the best way to travel Israel? Well, there are many different ways to travel in Israel; it depends on the nature of your trip- whether you travel alone, with a partner or with kids- and on your personal preferences: do you like traveling alone or with a group? Do you like guided tours that arrange everything from the sites you will see to the time you will eat your lunch or do you prefer independent traveling?

For you to decide what kind of voyage you are going to have you need to learn a few facts about the country you are going to visit. It is recommended to learn these facts and then explore more and see whether it goes hand in hand with your plans or do you need to make some adjustments.

First we ill provide you with basic information, after you will be equipped with those facts you will be ready to broaden your search on further details. . Here are some must-know facts that will help you decide what your favorite and best way to travel is.

Israeli transportation is very comfortable, accessible and efficient. You have buses and trains to every place in the country very frequently so if you plan on traveling with public transportation, it is a big plus for you. Also, the prices are fair and However, a very you must take it under your consideration that most of the public transportation do not operate on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Of course you can always rent a car. There is a special system of renting cars in Israel that provides the opportunity to rent a car only for few hours. You can take the car from wherever you are (a parking lot next to your place) and leave it in a parking place that is closest to the place you are going too. This is a very nice and comfortable way to travel.

If you are planning to travel by public transportation take under your consideration that it doesn’t operate on Fridays (from the entrance of the Shabbat-afternoon) until Saturday evening in most of the country. Apart from that the public transportation- both train and buses- are very convenient, cheap, frequent and accessible Renting a car is another fair option and not expensive one. You can also rent a car if you don’t want to rent it for your entire trip, only during the weekend or per day.

The Israeli whether is very convenient for traveling. The winter in Israel which last from November to March is very “light” it’s what Europeans would call “fall”. Since March the weather moves from warm and pleasant to hot and humid in July-August. Also, there are different mini climates in Israel changing from the more humid the drier mountain areas. In Israel there are many interesting places to visit: historic sites, religious sites, diverse landscapes deserts in the south and snow in the north! Explore Israel!

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