Dear Reader, Gulf News is innovating again

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Image Credit: Gulf News/Seyyed Llata

Dear Reader,

Gulf News has been your trusted source of information for more than 40 years. We have evolved and innovated with the times, adopting new media and design to bring you content that is fact-checked and verified.

We have adapted and innovated yet again. As a market leader in the region, we will soon launch a paywall. We have strengthened our content to cater to your interests. Quality comes at a cost. The international publishing industry has had to deal with increasing costs. Major news websites the world-over charge for their content. That is the trend. We at Gulf News will soon adopt that model which will enable us to serve you, our loyal readers, better.

We take great pride in our trusted content and our ethical journalism. We make no compromise. We need your support in this new journey. Support for sincere, fact-checked journalism. In this digital age, there is a constant race to break news first. We are unmatched when it comes to speed to market. News that is always fact-checked. We are unmatched when it comes to explaining what lies behind the news. Our erudite panel of opinion writers offers you views and analysis across all spectrums.

Our coverage of the UAE is unparalleled because we know you, our community. Be it international events, from politics, entertainment and sport, our team of editors and correspondents ensures you stay updated with news that affects your lives.

Dear Reader, you have journeyed with us for more than 40 years. We value your trust. Please journey with us as we take this step. And we do have a very special introductory offer at launch. All you have to do is register with

Thank you for your trust.

Gulf News Digital Team