Dubai can be clear beneficiary from demand spike for cosmetic surgery

Dubai has established its credentials as a hub for advanced cosmetic surgery and allied procedures. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: This could well be another facet to Dubai’s ambitions in medical tourism – cosmetic surgery has seen a rise in demand since the beginning of the pandemic.

Those seeking such treatment have been “itching to get appointments for procedures that would ordinarily warrant time off work to heal,” according to Dr. Charles Galanis, who operates his clinic in Beverly Hills, California, and is a visiting doctor for CosmeSurge in Dubai. But with the pandemic, they are getting the required time, which is why Dubai could be a key beneficiary from this.

Galanis said: “There is no question that Dubai is growing within the industry of cosmetic surgery as a regional centre for those interested in getting work done. Dubai is the Beverly Hills of the Middle East.

“When I think of plastic surgery, I think of three things: technique, technology, and artistry; these three things absolutely have to work in unison. Having a creative mind coupled with good technique from good training and access to cutting-edge technology as is available in Dubai, you are in a position to deliver dramatic results to patients looking at cosmetic treatments.”

Cosmetic trends in Dubai reflect those of the various nationalities that are represented here. Everything from lower budget chemical peels and laser hair removal to higher budget rhinoplasties and facelifts are an appointment away. Popular procedures in the country include liposuction, followed by rhinoplasty, and male breast reduction surgery. Breast implants are fourth on the list of popularity along with tummy tucks.

“We’re seeing the prevalence of some world-class providers who are coming to Dubai and offering their services,” he added. “Now, with more universal cosmetic trends, we are seeing a shift towards a one-size-fits-all approach to beauty.”