Thieves leave stolen idols of Hindu deities in Indian state with a regret note

For illustrative purpose. The police launched a manhunt for the thieves. Image Credit: AFP

Patna: Unidentified thieves left stolen idols of Hindu deities near a temple in Bihar with a hand-written note expressing regret over their conduct. The value of stolen idols is said to be over Rs30 million in the international market.

Police said the thieves left the idols near a Hindu temple located at Saraiya village in Saran district on Monday night. Before fleeing, however, they left a note at the site which read “May be this will reduce our sin”.

“We are using sniffer dogs to trace the thieves. They will be in the police net very soon,” said local police official Om Prakash Chauhan who is investigating the case.

The police said the idols of deity Ram and family were first stolen from the village temple in 2009 by holding the priest hostage. After three years of searches and raids, the police finally managed to recover the idols in the neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

Since then the idols were kept locked in a box inside the temple but in 2019, the thieves broke open the lock of the box and stole away the precious idols weighing around 50kg again. The police failed to recover these idols despite all efforts.

The police were surprised when informed that the stolen idols found at a deserted location. Now again they launched a manhunt for the thieves.

In February this year, seven antique idols of Hindu deities worth over Rs20 million were stolen from a temple in Muzaffarpur district. In 2016, the miscreants had stolen 14 idols of Hindu deities from a temple in Vaishali district.