Trusity’s Super 6 programme builds the next generation of entrepreneurs

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Trusity, the one-stop learning space, is proud to announce the launch of its integrated holistic development programme, the Super 6. It aims to provide youth with the ability to build knowledge and skills that are necessary to be confident, independent and future-ready. It is designed in a progressive manner covering Innovation, Communication and Entrepreneurship. The programme has been designed and developed by a team of successful entrepreneurs and is intended to motivate and empower young minds to make a difference in the world.

“At Trusity, we believe in buillding children to be better prepared to confidently face the future. By integrating Innovation, Communication and Entrepreneurship, the Super 6 programme enables youth to develop the necessary knowledge and future-ready skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, risk-taking, planning and leadership.

It is also aligned with the recently launched National Programme for Coders in the UAE that aims to enhance the digital economy, nurture and enable talent locally and drive the country forward as an innovation and digital hub.” said Praveen Sharma, Co-founder and CGO, Trusity.

Phase 1: Innovation

The innovation phase of the programme provides a hands-on training in coding, robotics and artificial intelligence. The learners explore technology to understand the conceptualisation and application of ideas. It is curated to build early computational aptitude in young minds.

Phase 2: Communication

Trusity’s Art of Communication programme is a three-level learning journey designed to develop the communication skills of young adults for personal life and in readiness for their work life. The programme aims to develop the skill of exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information such that the purpose or intention is fulfilled in the best possible manner.

Phase 3: Youngpreneurship

Trusity’s Youngpreneurship programme is aimed to provide youth with the ability to recognise opportunities and build their confidence and self-esteem through reflective self-evaluation of their entrepreneurial ability. The programme will teach them how to commercialise a concept, test the soundness of that concept, develop a business plan, and initiate a business venture.

Through the integrated Super 6 programme, Trusity aims to support youngsters in building futuristic projects by providing training, mentorship and a platform that could help them kick-start their start-up ventures.

For more information, visit or call/WhatsApp on +971 55 1411403.